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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thoughts on Insurance

I used to work for an insurance company. In fact, I have actually worked for two different insurance companies in my professional career. Once trying to sell it, once underwriting it. You would think after so much experience in the insurance industry I would be the first person to buy insurance for my transformers collection.

Not so.

I have known I needed to get insurance for a long time. I even went so far as to getting a couple of quotes from different companies; but I never pulled the trigger. Even after my own transformer room was flooded from my water heater exploding I did nothing (everything was fine BTW, minus Pyro who fell off the shelf when I was moving them). I don't know if it was just procrastination or if I just wanted to spend that money on more transformers, or it was just plain stupidity but it just never happened. Then I saw this. And that was all it took. I immediately went out and purchased a separate policy for my figures last week.

It was just something about seeing all of those ruined boxes spread out on the ground that lit a fire under my ass. I could finally visualize what would happen if my room flooded for real. The last 'flooding' was nothing more than water seeping under the wall into the middle of the room. I had to tear up the carpet and use a wet-vac but there was never very much water. But all of my figures are in my basement. Granted it isn't a true basement since one side is walk-out, but it is still a basement.

So now I'm paying a few extra hundred bucks a year for piece of mind. I do feel a lot better about it, but the insurance company told me to keep detailed lists and pictures of everything. Hmmm....I wonder how I should do that....

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