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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am One Lucky Duck (Mail Call)

Got this in the mail yesterday:

All the uncut tech specs from the back of the Menasor boxset!!! These are extremely rare and I got them all for less than $20! Someone really missed out on this; but everyone's loss is my gain! These giftset tech specs are very difficult to find since many people don't cut up the back of the boxsets. Although Devastator and Superion aren't that hard to find. So now I only need Defensor, Computron and Piranacon (yeah right!).

Yay, sometimes eBay does work!


  1. Did they not issue the Piranhacons Tech Specs when they reissued the toys?

  2. True, however I am not a reissue collector, strictly original releases only. That is part of the challenge!