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Friday, April 29, 2011

It's a new Grapple! Or Grappel if you prefer...

Just like Windcharger I was lucky enough to get this guy off Hasbro Toy Shop due to the diligence of the TFW2005 community. Grapple has always been one of my favorites, probably because he was the only the second transformer I ever owned right after Smokescreen. I don't really remember where I got him, but I do remember him being not too far after Smokescreen; I probably begged a family member for him. As a result, his toy is the one I have kept the longest without breaking. Obviously my original Smokescreen is trashed, I was pretty rough on my toys as a kid. So I really enjoy Grapple. I also liked the fact that he was an Architect (which is what I aspired to do way back when) and the creator of the Solar Power Tower (one of the very first episodes I saw on TV!). It made him a little bit more dimensional than just 'warrior' or 'soldier'.

But enough about the old Grapple, this is supposed to be about the new Grapple!

Obviously Grapple is a remold of Universe (G2!) Inferno. But he is a pretty extensive remold, if you've been around Transformers long enough to remember the Skywarp toy from Transformers: Armada, this is to what I equate Grapple; a 25% remold of another figure.

I love orange construction vehicles. Green? Bleh.
Nice new head, feet, hands and arm panels!
The mold translates amazingly well into a crane.
Grapple and Grappel (stupid trademarks)

Overall a great update! I think we all knew this was coming when Universe Inferno was released but like Inferno, Grapple has started out elusive and hard to find. I'm just glad to be one step closer to completing the '85 Autobot team. If you see him, nab him because there is a good chance you won't see him again.


  1. Grappel is a cross between a Grape and an Apple?

  2. It's nothing if not creative! At least it is better than 'Autobot Grapple'

  3. Apparently Hasbro lost the copyright to Autobot Grapple too since they just used that name in the TRU Commemorative Series.

  4. How does one loose the copyright to 'Autobot'? Who else uses that?