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Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Preview of Things to Come

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, which is how I am feeling about my newest collecting venture. After taking over twenty seven years to accumulate the entire run of Generation One toys, I am setting myself up to do it all over again.

After being inspired by a few other collectors (namely Herald of Unicron and Heroic Decepticon) and the massive sell offs which have resulted in a lot more room in which to display things; I have decided it is time for a massive reorganization, focused solely on Generation One and Masterpiece figures. After becoming enamored with Herald of Unicron's display, in which he has built what can be described as nothing less than a full catalog accurate G1 and G2 collection (meaning he has not only every G1/G2 figure MISB, MIB or MOSC but also loose versions of each mode) I've decided it looks so good I want to attempt something similar. So I am attempting to essentially double my G1 collection to have one robot mode and one alt mode for each figure. In certain cases such as Sixshot, this may mean six figures, and in other cases such as Fortress Maximus it may mean this will get pretty expensive. Also over the past couple of months I have been collecting boxes and cardbacks, and I would like eventually to have every G1 box and or cardback to display with each figure.

Original box, reproduction insert and two original figures. This is the goal.

I'm not looking to replicate all the sealed figures though, I've been down that path many times and have always resold everything I have bought sealed. I like the slightly worn, empty boxes better. They seem more real to me and I can touch them unlike AFA figures. That isn't to say a few choice AFA's won't make it into the display somewhere. The only figures I will be leaving out will be Action Masters and the Deluxe Insecticons since I no longer have those figures and don't want them back. The downside of this plan is it will take up a large amount of space, so I will be doing a lot of space planning to try and make everything fit. I'll still be keeping all my non-G1 figures I haven't sold so far, they just won't be displayed in such a prominent fashion as perhaps they are now.

In some cases, more than two may be required. Also, unfortunately the boxes may need to be upgraded over time.
Needless to say this will require some changes to my collection room, so I will soon be investing in some brand new display units and hopefully once everything is completed all my figures will be behind glass, which has always been one of my ultimate goals. So for now, here is a quick preview of what is to come, I hope it doesn't take another twenty seven years, but then again the journey is half the fun.

A very preliminary look at a shelf. The backgrounds may or may not stay.
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  1. My goodness...that's a massive undertaking, sir. Good luck! I've seen Herald of Unicron's collection and it is indeed awe inspiring.

    1. Thanks, I'll need all the luck I can get. I feel this is a new journey for me and I'm in no hurry to finish it.

  2. I agree with incredible goal to set for ones collection. All the best. I don't need every G1 & G2 charcter but as I am only looking at the time being for MISB (maybe some MIB) I'll be paying enough as is for just trying to get one.

    I'm looking forward to following your progress on this adventure.

    Can you maybe do some diagram schmatics of how you are going to set up your room and post them when you have time?


    1. I don't really have diagrams, but I may do some room updates as "construction" progresses. I plan on buying all the materials at once and then work on renovating over a couple of weekends. I also will do updates as I finish off figures for the display.

  3. very nice. can't wait to see the progress

    1. Thanks, I just hope I can make it all fit! Perhaps I should knock out a wall or two....