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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

G2 Gobots and Drench Vindicated!

I was challenged. My resolve was tested. And yet I prevailed. That's right, I have added loose versions of G2 Gobots and Drench to my collection. Just recently I had obtained a sealed G2 Drench and I received a lot of peer pressure to just go ahead an open the sucker. Fortunately I didn't listen as just last week I was able to grab Drench and Gobots insanely cheap and thus spare the sealed versions from being subjected to the wrath of the 2012 atmosphere. It is 1993 inside those packages and that is how it is going to stay. I imagine if I ever did open them I would be able to momentarily hear the faint sounds of gangsta rap anyway. It's all dubstep out here now.

So take that all you package opening enthusiasts :-)

They Glow!
And now that I have finally been able to actually play with and transform these figures I find they are quite fun! These are two that I missed in my Transformers reintroduction back in the early '90's so I am glad to finally have them in-hand. Despite being exceedingly simple (which is how I like my figures anyway) Gobots has a few nice surprises in the transformation. Drench is pretty standard. I'd also like to mention Drench can't really stand holding his weapon without tipping over due to his ballerina legs. I had to cradle him backwards which makes it appear as if he looming at his targets through his windshield, somewhat similar to G1 Ironhide and Ratchet.

Oh yeah, that's nice.

Sealed and AFA'd! How does that make you feel, openers?


  1. I always liked Gobots. Hated the name, but liked his tech spec info and the mold. I still prefer the UK Aquaspeeder version (Jetstorm) better as read beats orange.

    1. I forget, do you have all the U.K. versions or just the ones that weren't released over here?

  2. Wait, are these the ones with the colour changing features? Or is my memory thinking of something else?

    1. Yep, you got it right. There were two other color changers released in the U.S. and eight more released in the U.K. and Australia but four were repaints.