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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sentinel Prime wants YOU (to shup up and sit down)!

So I finally got my hands on an Animated Sentinel Prime. The reason I didn't buy this guy when he first came out was I didn't like his scale. Now as a seasoned Transformer collector I should know better than to worry about something like scale, but I seriously thought they would release a larger version of him later down the line. Of course when the line got canceled I immediately regretted not purchasing him. So I was fortunate enough to get him at a great price in Pasadena and he is really a lot of fun. Like so many of the Animated toys it doesn't look like you can get that robot out of that truck, but somehow you do. Plus his transformation is very easy and straightforward so he is a lot of fun to fiddle with. And he has that chin! The Tick would be proud.

That massive chest just doesn't look like it can fit in that little truck!

But it does!!

You can really see the size difference here, I was holding out for a Voyager Sentinel.

So Sentinel, I salute you as one of the last mainline Animated figures I will ever buy. Sorry you never got your due :-D
The "Elite" Guard


  1. He does look tiny. How does he look next to the rest of his team? Blurr and the twins and Jazz?

  2. Not bad surprisingly. I updated the post with a picture for you. I would still prefer a Voyager scale though.