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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Blackout (with Scorponok!)

Okay, this one was a total impulse buy. I had no intention of ever owning this figure, and honestly I'm not even sure I knew it existed. But Blackout is somewhat special to me, as he was the first live action Transformer we got to see when he debuted in the 2007 Movie. Plus, he is a very cool helicopter with a 'minicon' of sorts: Scorponok.

Small TF toys can go one of two ways: really crappy bricks that only move their arms, or great feats of toy engineering. Blackout here is the latter. They did a great job of making the robot fold up into the helicopter, in my opinion better than the original Voyager Class toy from 2007.  And the vehicle mode looks fantastic, very realistic (except for the scorpion hanging off the back of course).

Great vehicle mode, this could be a much larger toy with all the detail that was included.

Blackout and his partner.

Who turns into a Targetmaster! Schweet!
Finally I did notice something about Scorponok. He bears a remarkable resemblance to the Action Master partner Scorpulator that originally came with Devastator. He even transforms the same! This is the first Action Master nod I've seen in the movie line, but because I'm not very familiar with it I'm sure I've overlooked some other glaring example. It's a fun little tribute though.
Scorpion modes
Targetmaster modes
I've been doing my best to resist buying any other DOTM toys because I know I'll be sick of them in a few weeks. But I'll be seeing the movie tomorrow morning and I know my resolve will be tested because I am sure I'll want to go out and buy every figure I see on the screen. But no...I have more self control than that. At least I think I do.

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  1. He is one of the better Cyberverse toys released thus far. I still need to show you Crowbar...