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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fansproject Glacialord Fangro

When I first heard hints of this "new" combiner from Fansproject I wasn't really interested, for the same reason I wasn't interested in their Steelcore figure; it isn't an update or homage to any existing Transformers character. However that was back when I thought these figures were going to be in the same vein as City Commander and Warbot. Once I realized what they were actually doing everything changed...

What Fansproject has done is take an original concept of their own and essentially send it back thirty years into the past and produce the figures as they would have been produced in the '80's. This means, simple transformations, no ball joints, limited paint apps, sticker sheets and yes, stryofoam.

Saber-toothed brick

With the head(?) master. Brainmaster? I have no idea really.

First off I must say I love the concept, it is almost like a set of "lost" G1 figures, especially when you get one in hand. I had already been planning to buy these guys once they were released, but a good friend of mine gave Fangro here to me as a gift at Charticon. Getting to hold this figure it really feels like it would fit right in on my G1 shelves. The weird proportions, limited range of motion, it all works extremely well for the figure. I know plenty of others have reviewed these guys already, so I will spare rehashing what others have said.

That is one tiny noggin.

What really strikes me is the box. Not only is it a beautiful retro design with the "Ice Age" theme (I love it!) dominating the front, but Fansproject has intentionally designed in wear to this box. The corners have creases, there is water damage on the bottom, all printed of course; but it just adds to the overall concept of these figures being new 30 year old toys. Also, the classic box art of the character in a pose that the toy could never achieve is a nice touch.

It's so old, and yet so new!

Note the water damage along the crease. I wonder what AFA would grade this?
Overall, this is a great idea that I hope is very successful. Would I like to see an entire line of figures like this? No, but I can appreciate what they are doing here and the fact that it is a combiner is even better. I think if they did a couple of these every year or so I would definitely be open to buying them. The only problem I have is where to display them? They can't go with my G1's since they technically aren't G1's at all, so that means they will probably need their on small section. Or just maybe I could squeeze them in and pretend they were the unreleased Anibots or something :)

Waitasec, that looks familiar...


  1. They can *totally* go with your G1s. They will with mine (same as my Impossible Toys Allicon).

    1. Yes but Allicon and by extension the Quintessons were actually in G1, whereas these guys weren't anywhere near it. I may bite the bullet and stuff them in there somewhere, but I am usually so anal retentive about G1's it is going to be a difficult call.

  2. So where are these guys for sale? I don't currently own any third party stuff as I can't get past it not being official, but this and that ginormous Bruticus have kind of softened my stance. Anyway, I can't seem to find Glacialord for sale online.

    1. I have no idea, but probably soon. There were a limited number for sale at Auto Assembly a couple weeks ago, and I think they were being sold for $150 for Fangro, Tusker and Tailclub together. The other two still haven't been released yet. Probably once all five are available they will go up for purchase. Or you can pay stupid eBay prices, plenty of them there right now.

    2. Yeah, I saw the stupid eBay prices. $500 for the three that have been released?! No thanks.

  3. Not quite Headmaster, not quite how 'bout we call their little robot partners Beastmasters? Yeah, I cheesy.

  4. These set of figures from FP are a little weird to me... strange. I can't put a finger on why they dont really appeal to me and why i probably wont be getting them....