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Saturday, November 5, 2011


A buddy of mine has been sending me Gobots as a gag lately. His most recent package included these two little gems: Sticks 'N Stones (left) and Marbles (right). Little does he know I actually love Rock Lords and gladly welcome any into my collection. I never had these two as a child so they were a lot of fun to discover. In fact I may just have to find some more of these guys to collect.

Rock modes
I don't know why but I find rocks that change into different types of robots very appealing. And don't even get me started on Jewel Lords and Narlies!


  1. I just found my MOSC Marbles. He was one of the few I never had as a kid either. Good luck finding their weapons. It's almost easier to just sell 'em and re-buy them either complete or carded.

    Speaking of Narlies did I ever show you my Snarlie Lion and Snarlie Bat?

    Odd timing too as Shmax just added a whole Rock Lords section!

  2. Nice to see some Rock Lords here. Do you have Rokkon and Stonedar from MotU? Or the Meteororbs from the same line? Will you get the MotUC versions when they release those in a few years?

  3. Crap these guys have weapons? Oh well, I'm not a Rock Lord completist.

    Novelty: I don't have the MOTU guys, I used to have them when I was little. I may pick them up sometime in the future but I am over my MOTU phase. A few years ago I got a lot of the vintage figures when the 200X series was coming out but my interest waned after that.