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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Headrobots Blood, an apropriate Bludgeon

The one thing that was holding my order up was the same thing I was the most excited about in my Third Party mash up of stuff. Ever since the early '90's I've had a fascination with Bludgeon, mostly because I was introduced to him in the later issues of the Marvel comics and Simon Furman did such a spectacular job at crafting a great character. However his G1 figure leaves something to be desired, since he has all of two points of articulation: one for each arm. So Hasbro finally decided to give us an update during the Revenge of the Fallen toyline and he looked great, except for the head (what is it with Hasbro not being able to produce good heads?)

So the new head (via third party company Headrobots) looks so much better. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Original head, gah!
Ahh, much better.
You also get some badass chrome swords in the set!
The end of the turret is part of the kit too. They did a nice job matching the color!
Almost incomparable.
As you can see, the new head is a nice homage while fitting with the aesthetic of the figure.
I believe it is killing time. Not much scarier than a skeleton samurai.
So far I really like what Headrobots is doing. They have revitalized two of my figures now, and they provide a lot of cool extras (such as the swords in this case). I look forward to future releases!


  1. I actually kinda like the original head, but I really would prefer chrome swords... Ordered!

  2. This post made me glad I too ordered this set. One more FP Insecticon to go and I'll have my pile of loot shipped and this will be in my possession. Guess I could always actually open ROTF Bludgeon while I wait!

  3. I was sold on this and bought a set when I was back in Singapore over the weekend. Yet to try it on Bludgeon yet, but heard its cool. The long sword can apparently be held by the G1 version too.