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Generation One

1984 Autobots

1984 Decepticons

1985 Autobots

1985 Decepticons

1986 Autobots

1986 Decepticons

1987 Autobots

1987 Decepticons
1988 Autobots

1988 Decepticons

1989 Autobots

1989 Decepticons

1990 Autobot Action Masters

1990 Autobot Micromasters

1990 Decepticon Action Masters

1990 Decepticon Micromasters
All the toys I have from the G1.5 transition period.
I also wanted to showcase my paperwork collection as best I could, even though these are normally stored in three-ring binders I thought I would try to get a few photographs anyway.
Autobot Instruction booklets
More Autobot Instruction Booklets
Decepticon Instruction booklets
And a few more
A sample of my mounted tech specs...
...and the ones I have yet to put in the books.
Omega is the odd ball out due to missing robot points on the box. Curses!