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Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Very Special Gift (Part II)

As I mentioned before, as a result of organizing and running Charticon last year I received a number of very unexpected gifts from friends all over the world. Each of these was unique in its own way and I wanted to showcase them here because they are all so cool.

Gift number two was a special surprise due to the fact that I had no idea it was being produced and was shocked when it arrived. Jason, one of the fine fellows over at Get Right Robot who collaborated with us to create Aftershock and produced Landshark for Charticon contacted my wife asking what I liked as he wanted to make me a custom figure. After what I imagine was a lot of back and forth they decided on creating a transforming DeLorean using Starscream as the character. This is quite possibly because Back to the Future is my favorite movie (other than Transformers of course) and Starscream is my favorite character. This is also quite possibly the most awesome thing I have never thought of! I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

Using the Part II DeLorean, note the Mr. Fusion on the back

Compared with Alternators Jazz for scale

Also compared with Sun Star's BTTFII DeLorean for vehicle accuracy

All the details are still there, no real hint of a robot underneath.

Surprisingly, it works very well! There is also a video showing some more of the details, which my wife just happened to "find" and watch with me on YouTube right before presenting me with the figure. She found it funny that I commented while watching the video that this figure would have been perfect for me since it combined two of my favorite things. I'll chock it up to naivete and childlike innocence that I did not realize what was actually happening, lol.

DeLoreanScream uses the Altenators Mirage transformation scheme

Gull-wing wings!

Some cool details on the side

Again with Jazz for Scale

And MP-11 for more scale

At any rate this is my very first custom one-of-a-kind figure and I now have DeLoreanScream displayed with the few remaining alternator figures I have left. Again I'd like to thank Jason at GRR for the most excellent gift, I will treasure it for years to come.

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  1. that is awesome, Very nice gift.

  2. So that's the story behind that. I saw it the other day, but forgot to ask about it. Very cool.