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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Very Special Gift

Charticon provided me with many opportunities. It gave me the chance to meet people I had only known online prior, it allowed me to experience running a convention from the "other side" as it were, and it provided me with invaluable insight to the community as a whole. One very unexpected result of the show was that I was given some wonderful gifts for helping some people out. This is the first of these.

At first glance this may appear like nothing other than a G1 Gnaw. But if you look closely you'll notice it is actually a little different, it has a small gold sticker in the corner which actually indicates it is the Japanese version of Gnaw! In Japan, Gnaw was only available as a mail-away figure, and thus did not receive his own Japanese packaging.

All Takara did was throw the sticker on the Hasbro box and add a Japanese instruction booklet to the weapons pack. They didn't even remove the english instructions!

At any rate, I certainly wasn't expecting to receive a gift of this magnitude. Because Gnaw is one of my all time favorite characters (mainly because it is my wife's favorite character) this really meant a lot to me. I won't oust the gift-giver (just in case they aren't comfortable being revealed), but you know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Japanese Gnaw now has his own permanent spot alongside all the rest of my Sharkticons.

All the Sharkticons! (Both the wife's and mine)
(P.S. I've been meaning to post this for months, but I had to get my head straight first. See previous post :)


  1. Replies
    1. No, just MIB. I don't think I could have accepted a MISB sample! But he displays beautifully along with all the others :)

  2. awesome gift :) love seeing things like this, it's one of the main things with our fandom that makes it great,

    1. Absolutely. It really goes to show that we're all not just a bunch of crazies on message boards, lol.

  3. what an excellent looking Sharkticon you got there =)
    Welcome back to the blogging world my friend!

  4. That's quite a gift! Strange, I'd always think it would be Hasbro cheaping out before Takara on packaging.

    1. Yes, it is too bad there wasn't a full Japanese release of the figure! But it seems to me Takara was probably focusing on Headmasters at the time (with all its new releases) and just decided to bring over some of the American releases. I think the Insecticons got the same treatment.