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Monday, October 28, 2013

Of Squids and Octopi

You must be thinking to yourself "What? A post that isn't about Japanese G1? What blog am I reading?" Be assured, you're still on Mostly Transformers, but I realized while writing my Rules that I was focusing heavily on one small segment of my collecting recently and I like to diversify every now and again. So while this post is about a vintage Japanese figure, it is definitely outside the box so to say.

The Tako Tank is an odd release in my mind. In-fiction the tank itself isn't sentient (at least I don't think it is) as it is more or less just a weapon to be used by the Maximals. It comes with an awesome recolor of Claw Jaw or Scuba which was one of my primary goals for obtaining this set. In fact I had looked at just purchasing Ikard for a long time by himself, but eventually decided that I would always want the tank as well, so I went ahead and bit the bullet.

Transmetal Claw Jaw from Europe, Claw Jaw and Ikard.

Honestly this many tentacles makes me a little uncomfortable.
Upon arrival at my doorstep I actually had no idea what it was because the box it was shipped in was so large! My wife immediately asked what I had purchased to which I responded I honestly did not know. When I opened it I realized that the packing box had to be that large because the freaking toy is huge!

Doesn't look that big does it?
I had no idea what a behemoth this thing was! I mean, you see it in pictures and you imagine it has to be a little large in order to accommodate the basic sized figures, but jeez! Anyway, after getting over my initial shock of the size I took some time to sit down and explore this set.

Open your mind...
This guy has a ton of play features that makes it very versatile, I especially like the hoverbike that can convert to a normal bike by flipping the wheels. Also the fact that you have to crack open the skull to remove the inner bits is a little morbid. He also has (what I have to assume) is a powerful water-squirter because I'm not putting liquid in this thing so it can mold later.

So am I happy about the Tako Tank? Hell yes! Do I know where I'm going to put it? Hell no! I really had no plan for this guy so for now he'll just have to go on the case above the rest of the BWII figures.


  1. The only time I've ever seen this toy in person was at one of the old OTFCC shows in Chicago. I knew it was large, but wow does it look amazing.

    Are you ever going to track down the Niagara Falls set w/ Diver or the Volcano set w/ Armor? I had both and they were pretty cool. Not at all to scale, but nice oddities none the less.

    1. I think I probably will, I really want that green Spittor, and just like with this I think it would be silly to buy the basic figure without the set. However the volcano will probably be staying in the box. I am going to have enough trouble displaying this thing.