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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Black Shadow Returns!

Since Hasbro finally decided to release the last wave of Generations figures I have been able to get my hands on Black Shadow (Hasbro calls him Sky Shadow I'm sure due to copyright loss or maybe they never even had it at all since he was originally a Japanese only character). Anyway, I've already made my thoughts clear on the original Black Shadow and this guy is no different. In my opinion he is leaps and bounds better than his counterpart Thunderwing. He is also one of the only Japanese characters to be released on domestic shores in one form or another (and I don't count the Star Saber). I'm not one to usually gush over black figures but this guy really takes the cake; the red on black works so nicely together and he has a real throwback feel for me, like he belongs in the '80's. His headsculpt is also leaps and bounds above Thunderwing's. Unforunately Thunderwing seems to suffer from tiny-head syndrome, while Black Shadow's seems much more appropriate.

I also really like how Hasbro has again highlighted the detail on the sculpting of the figure. This is something they have been doing a lot more recently (ever since Thundercracker). And as an added bonus, the chest piece is re-sculpted to match the look of the original G1 figure.

Nicely done Hasbro; I expected the head but not the chest as well!

Past and present, not bad at all!

This was a really nice way for Hasbro to finish out this line of figures, here's hoping there are more Japanese exclusive characters in our future; c'mon Blue Bacchus!!!


  1. Sweet! Love the comparison pictures, especially the head shot. Methinks Generations BS looks closer to the Black Shadow box art in terms of the head sculpt at least.

  2. Thanks! I believe you are absolutely right, Hasbro really hit the nail on the head on matching the figure to how he was supposed to look in the '80's! The antenna really says it all. I think BS is the better of the two in trying to emulate their predecessors.

  3. That Black Shadow looks great! I really enjoyed Thunderwing, but BS' deco makes him so much cooler. I can't wait to find him.

    Excellent blog, BTW!

  4. Thanks 3B, glad you enjoy it! Its hard not to love a black repaint done right.

  5. Yes agree that BS is the better of the 2, thunderwing was quite disappointing.