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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Transformers Prime Sergeant Kup (aka Hound)

First off I must apologize for my absence, things have been super busy lately. I actually got this figure at the same time as Ravage, but have not had the time to talk about him until now. Originally I had ordered what was supposed to be Prime Ironhide from BBTS because I thought he looked like a really good Fall of Cybertron Ironhide. Unfortunately Hasbro changed their plans and released Sergeant Kup instead.

The pre-order was changed at the last minute and I forgot to cancel it before it shipped so I ended up with a Sergeant Kup that I didn't really plan on buying. However, after opening him and messing with him a little I've decided to re-purpose him as Fall of Cybertron Hound, mainly due to his color and Hound's inclusion in the game. I am hoping we get a replacement head from Dr. Wu or another third party that might make this a little more believable.

I know, he really doesn't look that much like Hound. But what am I supposed to do? I don't have any non-show characters in my Prime display and I like the toy. Maybe I can fix the head myself...

 Personally he looks a lot more like Hound than Kup to me.

The vehicle mode makes this more apparent.
See??? He fits.

What? Don't look at me like that.


  1. My Arms Micron Ironhide has shipped so I'll share him when I return from vacation. I didn't know that Ironhide was originally solicated by Hasbro. I wonder why the change? Especially since they released a Cyberverse version of Ironhide.

  2. He may not look like Kup, but I'm kinda digging the head sculpt.

  3. Hey, man, when it's in YOUR display you can call him whatever you want! ;)

  4. ARK! You're a GENIUS! I may do the exact same thing! I really like the Prime RID NON-show characters, as they seem to fit really well with Fall Of Cybertron designs, and seems I LOVE me some Hound on FOC MP, I may steal your idea here.