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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Random Find...Part 2

Wow, Fall of Cybertron has been taking up all of my blogging time lately! But I wanted to finish the story I started last week, however in order to do that, a little setup is necessary.

Back in 2010 I visited my hometown Flea Market (as mentioned previously) and discovered the owner had a plethora of sealed G2 figures! I was so excited I didn't ask questions I only purchased everything he had, which included a complete set of Aerialbots, an Onslaught and a complete set of Laser Rods. On my way out of the Flea Market I was approached by a man who saw what I was carrying and asked me if I was interested in more. It seemed sketchy but I looked at the guy and figured I could either outrun him or physically overpower him and honestly if anyone asks me if I want more Transformers then I am usually helpless to follow them. Upon arriving at his vehicle he presented another set of Aerialbots, minus Silverbolt. It turns out this was the guy who had sold them to the shop in the Flea Market a week or so before. So I immediately bought the second set at a huge discount and proceeded on my way home happy as a clam.

I don't get to go home a lot because of my work schedule and when I do, I usually don't have the time between visiting everyone to frequent the Flea Market. So I finally got the chance to go back a couple of weeks ago and what did I find as soon as I walked in? That's right, more sealed G2 figures. The guy had almost the exact same sets for sale, minus the Onslaught. One full set of Aerialbots, one set of four smaller figures only and one set of Laser Rods. I talked to the guy a little and he actually remembered me from two years prior telling me that I was the only one who ever bought them, they had been collecting dust ever since my original purchase. It turns out they were all part of cases that a particular seller had sold to him. One case of combiner Leaders (hence the lone Onslaught) two cases of smaller Aerialbots (8 to a box) and one case of Laser Rods (also 8 to a box, evenly distributed). Because they had been sitting in his store for so long he was willing to offer them to me at a major discount, at least half of what I paid two years prior. So I bought them immediately especially knowing how desirable Electro and Slingshot were due to their GPS. As soon as I got home, I snapped a quick picture of everything I had bought from the guy, including my original purchases:

Unfortunately I couldn't include the last set of smaller Aerialbots as I sold them to Flywheels a couple of years ago. But you get the idea, it is a buttload of G2. I really wish the guy had the individual Combaticon members, but I may try to trade one of the Aerialbot sets for them. As a bonus, the store owner let me carry it all home in one of Hasbro's shipping boxes:

Personally I thought this was pretty cool. It may not be very desirable, but I think it is neat getting the packing box along with the figures. So now I can keep my Silverbolt and Onslaught "case-fresh". The extras I will be selling to help finance my Japanese figure collection, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a picture of all of them together before I did.

So all in all, a very productive trip back home. I wonder what will happen when I go back again in another few years? Fortunately for me, G2 figures seem to be in little demand allowing for more future treasure hunting opportunities.


  1. Dude.......holy.....crap! That is awesome! I really didn't start buying Transformers for myself until G2, so these guys all bring back memories (especially the Arielbots!)

    What an awesome find!

    Also - we need to set up an escalation game or something soon! I keep playing Death-match but if you see me online, we can set something up!

  2. Now, you've joined Maz as a "case collector", the next evolution of collector genres....

  3. Thanks! I have a love affair with G2 myself :) I keep playing Conquest b/c I tend to score higher, but I'll keep an eye out, we'll sync up one of these days.

    1. Yeah, and I've been dominating in Death Match and working on Campaign trophies!

  4. Wow, impressive. You can now join Maz as one of the 2 "case collectors" that I know.