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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Trakkons Calcar and Fearswoop prove Europe Rules!

I had the good fortune to obtain these two guys waaaay before Christmas, however I just now found the time to showcase them. I am really enjoying these European G1.5/G2 figures as they provide a nice transition from the end of G1 in the US to what would become Generation 2 (and what subsequently lead me back into Transformers...again).

I imagine the main selling point on these guys was the play factor of their weapons. Children could look through the viewfinders to 'target' their enemies and Fearswoop's weapon even has firing action that uses light-piping to simulate lasers firing in the viewfinder when you turn the knob. If I were a kid, I would absolutely love this. Hell, as an adult I absolutely love this. I was hoping for something similar on Calcar's weapon, but alas only the turret turns when you turn the knob on his weapon.

The 'lasers' in action

Oh no, firing on a fellow officer!

The size and bulk of these weapons really inhibits the flexibility of these figures, but since they are technically G1 figures and therefore bricks by design that isn't really saying much. In fact I think it may actually help in Calcar's case as it gives his arms flexibility they may not have had otherwise. In either case, displaying these guys with their weapons deployed really blocks most of the figure and I love how each one has a kickstand in order to support the weight of the weapons.

It's like they're both photographers from 1885.

Fortunately there were only two Trakkons, so now I have them both, however I am still missing one of their Autobot counterparts (known as Lightformers): Ironfist; arguably the hardest one of the four to find.

I love Calcar's face sculpt.

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  1. Anytime you want to fiddle w/ Ironfist just let me know.