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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Transformers G1 Cel: Megatron

I had the good fortune of obtaining this very nice animation cel recently. In fact, it is the first animation cel I have ever owned. I have always wanted a cel from the G1 cartoon or movie, but never really thought I would actually own one. The G1 cartoon is something that is very special to me, so to own an actual piece of art that was in the show at some point is quite a thrill. It is almost like meeting one of the voice actors! Since I've never owned anything like this before I was surprised at how crisp and clean it was. It is too bad cel animation isn't really done much anymore because these can be very beautiful. I hope to have a few more in the future, but for now Megatron stands alone.

If anyone just happens to know what episode this is from I would love to know. I've started watching the cartoon again keeping my eye out but haven't seen it yet. I do know it is not from the 1986 movie.

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