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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pennies and the Jets (lots and lots of Pennies!)

Ah, Cyclonus. This toy probably holds more sentimental value for me than almost any other. I have a distinct, clear memory of my mother purchasing Cyclonus for me at the local KB Toys way back in '86. I can remember walking into that tricked out toy store (they had a lot of 'play with me' toys out for kids) going directly to the action figure isle and picking up Cyclonus. There was no question, he was the one I wanted. I had just seen the 1986 Movie in theaters and I knew I wanted one of the 'new' characters. Hot Rod would have been my first choice but I actually got him before I saw the movie. So my next choice was the awesome, inverted-wing purple jet: Cyclonus.
"The Autobots have been terminated!"

Yes, the box flap is curved (not due to water damage, I think just due to air moisture) which is unfortunate, but a minty Cyclonus can be very expensive and I just don't want to drop that much coin on one figure. So this Cyclonus will do for me, I will attempt to flatten out the flap as much as possible before sending this one off to AFA, but I'm not expecting high marks. That's okay, he is still going to look great on my shelf.

I acquired my original Dirge when I was very young, it was one of the first Transformers I owned. I remember I mistakenly thought he was Thundercracker because he was blue (gimme a break, I was four years old). He would be the only jet from the second series I owned in my childhood. A friend of mine had Thrust and I never even saw a Ramjet until high school. To this day I still have my original Dirge, completely beat up but repaired as best possible. I'm glad I was able to get him and he was the cheapest one of the lot! I guess Dirge isn't too popular these days. 
"Death comes to he who crosses me."

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