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RID - Movie

I figure the best way to categorize this set of figures is by line rather than year since many of these overlap and start to get convoluted. It seems after 2001 Hasbro started releasing more product than ever making it difficult to divide things up by year. Forgive me if some of these are out of order.

Universe figures part 1
Universe figures part 2
Japanese Destron Reissues
American & Japanese Reissues
More Japanese Reissues
Japanese exclusive reissues
Micromaster Reissues part 1
Micromaster Reissues part 2
All the Micromaster Reissues
Landcross Reissues
The few Armada Autobots I have left.
Armada Decepticons

Armada 'Beast Wars'
Energon Autobots
Energon Decepticons
Cybertron Autobots
Cybertron Decepticons
Cybertron himself: Primus!
Cybertron Starscream (needlessly large if you ask me)
Minicons Ground Vehicles
Minicons Aircraft
Minicons Other
Various Exclusives
Autobot Alternators
More Autobot Alternators
Decepticon Alternators
Masterpiece Figures
Random, Random, Random
Movie Era Figures (I am very selective in this department)
Movie Legends Devastator. Because he represents what could have been with the large version.

That is all for this section of Transformers. I have not included Botcon, Classics or Animated here because I think they deserve their own section.