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Generation Two through The Beast Era

G2 Autobots

G2 Decepticons

Sealed G2
More Sealed G2
1996 Maximals

1996 Predacons

1997 Maximals
1997 Predacons
1997 Machine Wars
1998 Maximals (note Transmetal Rattrap is missing, I have him, he just has so much paint flaking he doesn't look good anymore)
1998 Predacons (Transmetal Megatron MISB due to GPS)
1998 Exclusive repaint figures
1998 Beast Wars 2 Cybertrons and Destrons
1999 Maximals
1999 Predacons
1999 Exclusive repaint figures
1999 Beast Wars Neo Cybertrons
1999 Beast Wars Neo Destrons
2000 Beast Machines
2000 Mutants and Dinobots
2001 Beast Machines

2001 Store Repaint Exclusive

2001 Botcon Exclusive Tigatron
2001 Botcon Exclusive Arcee
That is all from the G2 through the Beast Era. Unfortunately two of the toys I own from this period are not displayable due to vacuum metal paint flaking. One is the aforementioned Transmetal Rattrap and the other is the large Vehicon general Jetstorm. Both of these figures are in storage to try and prevent any more loss of paint but unfortunately I don't think I'll ever be able to display them again. I am currently looking for replacements from the Beast Wars Metals and Beast Wars Returns lines